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Top three signs of an unqualified mover.

As with any industry, moving has a small share of unqualified movers that take advantage of the good will and vulnerability of their potential targets. If you are planning a move in the near future and are beginning to do your research on moving companies, it’s important to keep an eye out for these three warning signs of an unqualified mover:
  • Warning sign 1 — no license: This should be your first, and most important warning sign. If a mover is unlicensed, that means they are not monitored or regulated. This is a giant red flag, because if they decide to keep your belongings and take off your money, you won’t be able to turn to the government for help. They’ll have no information on the mover that stole from you, so they won’t be able to provide much support, making it difficult for you to get your money and possessions back.
  • Warning sign 2 — prices too good to be true: There are many logical reasons why moving is a major cost outlay for homeowners. Between paying staff, keeping trucks running properly, paying taxes for warehouse space, and many other costs, owning a moving company requires a tremendous investment. That’s why extremely low pricing should raise a red flag. It’s simply impossible for a company to be sustainable if they’re quoting a long-distance, five-bedroom house move at under $2,000.
  • Warning sign 3 — they have no physical location: If a mover doesn’t have a verified physical location, chances are they’re an unqualified mover. If they take your possessions on moving day, they can easily close down their entire operation, leaving you with no means of contacting them. Running a legitimate moving company takes an enormous amount of space — there needs to be a room to keep the trucks, equipment, supplies and other crucial elements to running a moving business. If you can’t find a physical location, it’s a smart idea to avoid the company.
It’s always a wise idea to make sure the company you are researching belongs to a reputable moving association such as the Long Island Moving and Storage Association. These associations make sure their members provide reliable, honest service.

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