Valuation Coverage

Valuation Coverage: the basics

Valuation coverage is just one of many ways to help protect your belongings during a move. When you sign your moving contract, you will notice that the moving company offers several different levels of liability — this is known in the moving industry as valuation coverage. Valuation coverage is the amount of liability that the moving company is willing to accept if your belongings become damaged. Each level of liability determines how much the movers will reimburse you. It’s important to note that these liability options provide only limited coverage. As a matter of fact, what most people think of as “moving insurance” is actually just valuation coverage offered by the mover.

Valuation coverage does not cover everything

  • Simply put, anything outside of the mover’s control is not covered by valuation coverage. For example:
  • If you pack your own boxes, it may be more difficult to make a claim
  • Damage due to nature, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
  • Failure to report damage promptly
  • Packing perishable or hazardous items without the mover’s knowledge.

Different types of valuation coverage

All interstate movers are required by Federal law to offer two liability options to customers: Released Value Protection and Full Value Protection.
  • Released value protection: is automatically included in the cost of your interstate move. The federal mandate for Released Value Protection in interstate moves is 60 cents per pound per item. So, if you have a 20 pound item that is damaged, it will be weighed and multiplied by .60 cents. The result would be the amount the mover is liable for.
  • Full Value protection: This is the second type of valuation coverage offered by interstate movers. This offers customers much more protection in the case of an item becoming damaged or lost. Full Value Protection only means that your mover is liable for the current (or depreciated) value of your goods.
This all can very confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Any reputable and high quality mover will be glad to go over your coverage options with you.
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