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Winter Moving

Winter moving can be stressful. It’s already mid-September, and winter is just around the corner. The thought of moving during the cold and icy winter may sound like a terrible idea, but sometimes you have no choice. If you’re planning winter move, below are some suggestions to help make things go a little bit smoother.

  • Start Early: During the winter, daylight hours are precious, and it’s important to take advantage of as much sunlight as possible by packing early in the day. This will make your move safer by avoiding the need to go outside when it is dark, cold and possibly icy.
  • Eliminate snow and ice: An icy/snowy walkway or driveway is a recipe for a slip and fall accident, and the last thing you need is a sprained ankle (or worse) and damaged belongings during moving day. Make sure to clear walkways and other traffic areas of snow and ice to make your move as safe as possible for both you and your moving company. If there is snow and ice at your new location, it is advisable to hire someone to clear ice and snow to make unpacking safer.
  • Prepare your car: If you are traveling a long distance during your move, take your car to a trusted service center and have them make sure it is safe for your journey. Beside a mechanical inspection, make sure to have them check your tires for low air pressure and excessive wear.
  • Prepare your home(s): Consider placing carpet runners or remnants in both your old and new home to protect the floors and create a safe, non-slip surface for you to walk in and out of your home.
  • Use a professional mover: Finally, it’s always advisable to use a professional mover — especially during a winter move. If you’ve never used a moving truck or van, winter is definitely not the time to start! Professional movers have extensive winter moving experience and will make your move safer and easier.
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