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Important Information about Long Island Moving Companies.

For over 100 years, as one of the oldest Long Island moving companies, Verity Van Lines understands that the Island poses many challenges to homeowners who are contemplating a move. Any reputable Long Island moving company should be able to overcome these challenges and offer guidance and advice to their customers, but we make it a point of pride to be prepared to help you in every way possible. Some of the challenges associated with both local moves and relocations off the Island — and how the best Long Island moving companies should handle them — can be found below:
  • Closing Problems: Long Island is notorious for mismatched closing dates. Many times closing dates on the house a family is moving out of do not align with the closing date of the new house. This can create a state of limbo for the homeowner’s belongings. That’s why we have a properly equipped storage facility and the ability to hold a shipment on a truck for a day or two in order to compensate for these contingencies.
  • Topographical Challenges: Houses on the North Shore of Long Island are sometimes difficult to access because of long driveways and low lying trees. On the South Shore, many towns have long walks, elevators or tight developments that don’t fit large trucks. We are intimately familiar with Long Island and know about these challenges. We overcome them with the right personnel and equipment for the job.
  • Shipping Value: Long Island features a wide range of socio-economic classes and there is a large diversity in the value of shipments. Verity is able to handle both high and average value shipments. In the case of high value shipments, we pay particular attention needs to packing the shipment in order to avoid damage.
  • Unique Customers: Because of the speed at which things move on Long Island, we know customers have little time to handle packing their home and expect movers to offer packing services. We have the properly trained staff to pack your shipment safely and with efficiency.
We invite you to do your homework when researching Long Island moving companies and keep these challenges in mind. When interviewing movers, make sure they are able to handle your unique situation. To learn more about finding the mover that is right for you, click here.

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