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Move a Record Collection

How to Move a Record CollectionWhether you are relocating across town or the country, transporting your prized record collection can be one of the most stress filled parts of your move. Below we'll show you how to move your precious vinyl records. Prepare Your...

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Eco-Friendly Moving

Eco-Friendly Moving Made Easy We're pretty sure that most of our readers do what they can to be environmentally conscious during the day. Most of us recycle, use reusable shopping bags and do our best to cut down on waste. But what happens when a big event such as a...

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Moving When it’s Hot

Moving When it’s Hot OutsideSummer's here, and with increased temperatures, "heat waves" and high humidity, moving when it's hot can be dangerous if you're not careful. Below are five tips that will help you beat the summer heat during a summer move. Start Early: When...

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Moving on July 4th

Moving on July 4thMoving during the July 4th holiday is certainly not ideal, and this time of year can present certain challenges to both you and the moving company you are planning to hire. Knowing about them ahead of time will help make your move a bit easier, so...

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How to get the best moving estimate

How to get the best moving estimateGetting the best moving estimate possible isn’t just a matter of finding the mover with the best prices. It requires teamwork between you and the moving company to ensure that the estimate you receive is detailed, accurate and...

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Packing and Moving Electronics

Packing and Moving ElectronicsPacking and Moving electronics from one home to another can pose challenges that are much different from packing and moving furniture or books. If not packed properly, items such as wiring, memory cards, glass screens and batteries can...

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Last Minute Moving Advice

Last Minute Moving Advice While most families like to plan their move to a new home in advance, there are times in life when that is not possible. Family emergencies, business opportunities and other reasons may force you to have to move in a short period of time....

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Five Things to do After Moving

Five Things to do After Moving. Congratulations! You just completed a successful move. All your belongings have arrived safely, the moving company has left, and your family is finally ready to start a new chapter in life’s journey. But what should you do first? It’s a...

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Five Benefits of Donating When Moving

Five Benefits of Donating When Moving.One of the biggest dilemmas that homeowners face when packing for a move is what to do with unwanted clothing, tools, clothes, etc. One great way to eliminate these items is to donate them to a worthy cause or charity. Not only...

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The team of men you sent to pack up and deliver our furniture as well as unpack were a great group. Steve, Eric  and Brian were the  best at what they do.  They were a calming force at a very hectic time.

Pam & Walter Lewann

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