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When it comes to moving and storage the more you know, the better off you are.

Whether your move is local or long distance, simple or complex, it’s always best to be an educated consumer. Based on our years of experience, we’ve come up with a series of frequently asked questions to assist you in organizing and planning your next move.

We know that each move has unique aspects and every customer will have questions not covered here. Verity welcomes all your questions and concerns, so please feel free to contact us with any concerns we haven’t addressed here. Unlike large national franchises who are slow to react, Verity is a privately owned company that stands ready to quickly address your concerns.

Finally, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to call us. We’re here to help.

How do I know I selected the right mover?
A reputable mover will be licensed and insured, and will have an established place of business for at least 10 years. A visit and inspection of a prospective mover’s facility will indicate his ability to serve you properly. Verity cordially invites you to visit any of our facilities.
How can I be sure I have an accurate estimate?
Final prices paid may vary from the calculated cost for binding and non-binding estimates. An accurate survey, including an accurate box count, is the first step toward receiving a realistic price quote.
What do I do if I need storage?

Call your mover first. Most reputable movers have their own storage facilities, making your move much easier. By bundling moving and storage, you can meet your mover at your new home on the scheduled date and never have to worry about waiting at a warehouse.

Will I be charged for packing?
Packing charges are based on the number of boxes packed by the mover. This is the most variable portion of your moving cost. To get an accurate packing estimate it is necessary to have an accurate list of what you want packed.
How do I pay for my move?
The ideal method of payment is a bank check upon delivery.
What is not covered for damage?
Movers generally do not assume responsibility for the following:

  • Documents, currency, jewelry, precious stones, furs and articles of extraordinary value, unless specifically listed on the Bill of Lading prior to moving.
  • Loss or damage due to breakage of china, glassware or similar fragile items, unless packed and unpacked by the carrier or unless visible exterior damage is done to the containers and documented on delivery.
  • Mechanical operating condition of appliances and electronics.
  • Missing items not inventoried specifically by the driver and documented as missing on delivery, and items previously broken, repaired or glued.
  • Damage to items not documented on delivery.
How does Verity protect my furniture during the move?
One of the preventive measures that we use is called shrink wrapping and padding. We wrap your furniture with specially padded blankets and secure them with shrink wrap to eliminate damages and scratches. We’re proud of our 99.5% safe move score.
If there are problems how to I file a claim?
Although you have nine months to file a claim, you are most likely to receive an equitable settlement if you document damage upon delivery and file immediately.
How far in advance do I need to schedule my moving date?

While we can accommodate most any timeframe, two weeks notice with a firm move date is ideal. If you have a short timeframe please call us and we will do everything we can to make sure your move goes smooth as stress free as possible.

How do I keep communications open on moving day?
Telephone and utilities should not be turned off until the day after you move. Our crews also carry cell phones. During and emergency situation or sudden change, email should be avoided. Please take advantage of our superior customer service and call us immediately.
Are there any items I should not ship?
Do not pack or ship flammable items, propane tanks, liquid detergents, aerosol cans or any items that may cause damage to your shipment. This could void insurance coverage if there is an unforeseen problem.
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