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Five Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Not All Moving Boxes are the Same.

Many of us don’t give much thought to the moving boxes we use to pack our belongings. Usually, we’re more concerned about finding enough boxes to pack all our belongings. But the type of box you use is critical to protecting your belongings and making it easier for the mover to do their job. Below we’ll outline some available boxes and which ones are ideal for moving.

Three Primary Types of Boxes

Paper cardboard boxes: These are the lightest weight boxes available and aren’t suitable for moving. They have the thickness of a cereal box and can’t hold much weight. They bend and distort easily and are prone to breaking during a move.

Paperboard boxes: These are slightly more durable than paper cardboard boxes and are available in single and multi-ply configurations. These boxes are suitable for non-fragile goods such as office supplies, makeup, and other lightweight items.

Corrugated cardboard boxes: These are the highest-strength boxes available. Their triple-layer design adds durability and resilience. While these boxes are heavier than paper cardboard and paperboard boxes, their sturdiness allows for stacking and maximum protection.

Which Type of Moving Box is Best?

As a rule, corrugated cardboard boxes are the best for moving. They are durable and can handle the rigors of being stacked and placed in a truck. But there’s a lot more to packing than choosing the right box. Selecting the correct size box, packing it properly, and sealing it with high-quality packing tape are also critical to protecting your belongings.

Avoid used corrugated boxes that have compromised corners, tears, and other damage, and never use boxes from a grocery store, as they may contain tiny insects.

Finally, many moving companies offer high-quality corrugated moving boxes specifically designed to handle various items (such as wardrobes) and can stand up to the rigors of moving.

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