Packing Holiday Decorations

Packing Holiday Decorations

If you’re getting ready to move, you may be wondering what to do with your holiday decorations.  Whether you’re pulling them out to decorate one last time in your current residence or you’re preparing them for the move into your new home, you’ll want to read the following instructions and tips for packing your holiday decorations to ensure they are moved successfully with little to no damage.

  1. Make sure you have the proper materials. Most of the success of packing is dependent on having the proper materials, and enough of them, to keep your belongings safe.  Here’s what you’ll need:
    • Packing paper (or old newspapers, magazines, etc.)
    • Moving boxes or plastic tubs
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Packing popcorn or shredded paper
    • Tape
    • Large Marker
    • Cardboard (optional)
    *Pro Tip: Ask local liquor stores if they have any boxes they’re not using.  Their cartons are extra sturdy and perfect for packing. Plus, they’re free!
  1. Sort all of your decorations. Group your decorations together by holiday and then type (ie ornaments, garland, lights, miscellaneous indoor decor, outdoor decorations, etc.) so they’re easy to pack and find when you’re ready to decorate in your new house.
  2. Start packing. For ornaments and other breakable items, you’ll want to wrap each piece individually with packing paper and/or bubble wrap depending on how fragile it is (if you have ornament boxes, now is the time to use them). Gently place the items in your moving boxes and fill any extra space with packing popcorn or shredded paper.
    *Pro Tip: For garland and string lights you can wrap them around rectangular pieces of cardboard so they don’t get tangled
  3. Once a box is full, clearly label all the sides of it with your marker.  If you know where it will be going in your new house also write the location on the box so you or your movers know where to put it.  Consider color coding your boxes (learn more about that here).

*Pro Tip: Don’t seal the box with tape until you are done with all of your decorations. You may think you’ve packed all of your ornaments and then find a straggler mixed in with your garland.

  1. Tape and stack. When you’re finished packing all of your holiday decorations, tape your boxes closed on both the top and on the bottom with clear packing tape that’s 1.5-2” wide. Label the top of your boxes, if you haven’t already, and then put your boxes in a group, out of the way.
    *Pro Tip: Celebrate! You just finished packing your decorations and you’ve set yourself up for easy and organized decorating in your new home.

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