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Packing Valuable Artwork

Packing valuable artwork can be difficult. Many homeowners have large, valuable paintings in their homes, and when it comes time to move, transporting these items can present a serious challenge. While it’s best to hire a professional packing service for these tasks, if you choose to pack them yourself, here are some useful tips to help you:

Packing  Artwork

Begin by thoroughly wrapping the artwork in Glassine, which is a specific type of wrap that prevents smudging. Once that is done, wrap over the Glassine with high quality bubble wrap for shock and dent protection. Finally, find a box that is a suitable size. This may be difficult due to the nature of framed art, but if you look online or ask a moving company that sells shipping supplies, you may be able to find what your looking for. Once you’ve found the right size box, put a layer of packing peanuts in the bottom, place the art inside and fill any voids with packing peanuts. Seal the box thoroughly and make sure to label the box with its contents.

Crating Artwork

Very large pieces of art (sculptures, wall murals, etc.) which do not have appropriate box sizes will require custom built wood crating to ensure maximum protection. Do not cut corners when packing very large items — crating is the surest way to protect valuable artwork. Crating is the process of building custom sized wooden crates specifically designed to safely transport items. If you choose to build crates by yourself, you’ll need to purchase 2×4 wood, nails and other supplies at your local hardware store. We strongly suggest hiring a professional mover to design and build these crates for you, as they have the experience and materials necessary to get the job done faster, and in many cases, cheaper than you could. If you have any questions about packing valuable artwork, simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.
How to pack valuable artwork
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