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Packing your bathroom

Packing Your Bathroom

Packing your bathroom may seem straightforward and easy, but in reality, it could end up becoming complicated. We’re here to save you from any possible aggravation and show you how you should go about packing your bathroom for your upcoming move.

Step One — Inventory & Sort

Take a complete inventory of all the items in your bathroom so you have a clear idea of what you have. You’d be surprised at how many long-forgotten bottles, jars, containers and other items are tucked into vanities and medicine cabinets.

Step Two — Purge

After making a thorough assessment of all your items, do your best to pare down your inventory by getting rid of products you will no longer need, such as damaged or old items, near-empty containers, expired prescriptions (dispose of properly please!), dried out hair gels, etc.   Do your best to get rid of as much as possible so you are packing items that are worth the effort.

Step Three – Pack

Before any item goes into a box, ask each family member to create a bathroom travel kit for themselves. This kit should contain common everyday items such as toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss.  Don’t forget to add any prescriptions you may need. Once your bathroom travel kits are in order, it’s time to start packing your less commonly used bathroom items. When it comes to packing most items, make sure to line the bottoms and sides of boxes with packing paper or peanuts and wrap items carefully. Try to fill spaces between items with packing paper. Always place heaviest items on bottom and work your way up with lighter items. Packing liquids such as shampoos, soaps and mouthwash require a bit of extra care and attention. Unscrew the top, place a piece of plastic wrap over the opening, and tighten – this will help protect against leaks. Once that is done, place bottles into airtight Ziplock® bags for extra protection. Large, fragile items such as mirrors require special care. Wrap the entire mirror with soft packing paper then place thick cardboard strips around all sides of the mirror, taking extra care to protect corners. Once that is done, wrap the entire mirror in bubble wrap. If your bathroom mirror is very large, speak to your moving company about having a crate built for it. Clearly label every box. Labels should be affixed to the top and all sides of the box. For more labeling tips, read here. Finally, when packing your bathroom, timing is everything. Don’t pack it up too early, or you may run out of supplies — but don’t pack too late or you’ll be scrambling. With some careful planning you can have your bathroom packed in plenty of time for the movers, and still have plenty of essential bathroom items on hand. If you have a bathroom packing tip you’d like to share, please send it to us in the form below.

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