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Self Storage Facilities

If you must use self storage, keep these tips in mind.

Although self storage is one option for long term storage, we always recommend using a professional mover with warehousing as the ideal solution for your long term needs. Reputable moving companies have a unique method of containerizing your contents inside their warehouse that provides a degree of protection and safety that self storage facilities simply can’t match. It’s important to remember that they have a much higher level of responsibility for your possessions than a self storage facility, because a moving company is responsible for your possessions from pickup to delivery. If you have your heart set on using self storage for your long term needs, make sure to follow the tips below to ensure the best results.

Choose your self storage facility wisely

When renting a unit, the safety and security of both you and your belongings should be one of your most important considerations, so be sure the facility you choose has strong security measures in place. Make sure the access hours will work with your schedule and that the facility has a pest control plan, and climate controlled storage (if you need it). Get price estimates from at least of the best companies in your area. The temptation to go with the lowest price is strong, so you’ll need to make sure that you choose the facility that will best protect your belongings — even if it’s bit more expensive.

Check your insurance

If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, check to see if your policy covers the items in your self storage unit. If your insurance doesn’t cover these items — or if you don’t have an insurance policy — be sure to buy insurance offered by the storage company that is commensurate with the value of your items.

Pack it the right way

Although this sounds like simple common sense, we’ll say it anyway — never make the mistake of haphazardly throwing all of your possessions into the storage unit. Instead, Pack everything neatly in boxes, Put taller and heavier items in first, and put lighter and more fragile items on top of more sturdy boxes. Finally, make sure to label each box, and be sure to put frequently used items within easy reach. Would you like to know more about long term storage options, click here.

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