leonetti brothers moving imageI  have had a relationship with the Leonetti’s and Leonetti Brothers Moving and Storage for over 30 years.  In fact when I worked on my Father’s moving trucks back in the 1970’s we shared the Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Long Beach, Lynbrook and Five Towns market place together.  We have worked together serving a significant number of Leonetti Brothers customers moving to Florida, Texas California and Arizona. In turn they helped us with some of our customers moving locally.  I am proud to say we are officially serving all Leonetti’s customers as we have absorbed their business and some of their crews into the Verity Van Lines organization.  I have gotten to know the family quite well over last few years and I am committed to giving their customers the special service the Leonetti’s would be proud of.

If you are a Leonetti Brothers Moving and Storage customer, please feel free to contact us at 516-785-7620.

Michael Maffucci,
President, Verity Van Lines

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