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Verity Van Lines Virtual Moving Estimate

To provide you with the most accurate pricing it is important that we are able to see the size and amount of your belongings that you’ll be moving. That’s why it is our standard policy to conduct all of our estimates in person. However, sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out, or in the case of global pandemic, it’s just not safe. So, when schedules conflict, or you’re concerened about safety, we also provide the option for a free virtual moving estimate.  All you need is wifi and an iPhone® or iPad®. 

If you’re interested in getting started with your free virtual moving estimate, please fill out the form below so that one of our team members can contact you with instructions (or call us at 516.785.7620).

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  2. One of our Virtual Moving Estimators will call you.
  3. Use your iPhone® or iPad® to provide a complete picture of your home and belongings.

Thank You does not seem an adequate word to express my gratitude to you for your help and support in moving 45 years of memories. You have truly gone above and beyond in helping me during this stressful times. I will forever be in your debt. And also thank you to your entire staff for making it easier for me.

Dennis W.

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